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Coppa Italia At A Glance

Established: 1922 Current Title Holder: SS Lazio (2019 champion, won Atalanta 2:0)
Number Of Teams: 78
Most Titles Won: Juventus FC (13) All Time Goal Scorer: Alessandro Altobelli (56 goals with Brescia, Inter and Juventus)
Overall Most Appearances: Roberto Mancini (120 with Bolognia, Sampdoria and Lazio)

Cool Coppa Italia Trivia Facts:
AC Milan is the team that lost the largest number of final and final rounds of the competition, placing second overall for 9 times.
The Vado and the LR Vicenza are the two teams that have won the trophy in the only final disputed. The Bologna won the trophy twice, one in the final played and the other in one of the two final rounds played.
The record of finals (and final rounds) disputed belongs to Juventus at odds of 18

Information About Coppa Italia Football Tickets

Football Ticket Net offers you all Coppa Italia home & away 2019/20 Tickets, you can browse through all Coppa Italia fixtures above in order to find the Coppa Italia tickets you are looking for. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Coppa Italia Tickets now on our secure and safe system and guarantee your attendance to one of Coppa Italia matches.

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Football Ticket Net Offers Coppa Italia Most Popular Tickets:

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Genoa vs Ascoli Tickets - 03/12/2019
Fiorentina vs AS Cittadella Tickets - 03/12/2019
US Sassuolo vs Perugia Tickets - 04/12/2019
SPAL vs Lecce Tickets - 04/12/2019
Udinese vs Bologna Tickets - 04/12/2019
Parma vs Frosinone Tickets - 05/12/2019

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