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Real Madrid vs Real Betis: A Classic May Match

Posted 148 days ago
Real Madrid Vs Real Betis

Real Madrid vs Real Betis: Santiago Bernabeu Will Never Forget This

Real Madrid will face Real Betis in their La Liga fixture at the Santiago Bernabeu on the 19th of May 2019. Who will win? Well, despite what may seem to some like overwhelming chances for one side, no one can predict that with complete certainty what will happen in the future. And that is especially true in La Liga football.

In this article, we’re giving you the score on lots of fun facts and cultural Do’s and Taboos of both the teams. We do this, so that you can enjoy your time exploring the host city of Madrid, during and around the time of the match. And we do this so that you can have a delightful visit to the hometown of the Away team, who hail from Seville.

Fun Facts About Real Madrid Football Club

Real Madrid Club de Futbol, simply known as Real Madrid was founded in 1902 as a Spanish football club out of Madrid.

The Spanish Word “Real” means Royal in English and was conferred on the club alongside the royal emblem and crown by King Alfonso XIII IN 1920. The club has been solely owned by Real Madrid members since it was founded.

In 2000, Real Madrid was named the FIFA club of the 20th century. Plus, they also won the Best Club in Europe in the 20th Century by the IFFHS on 11 May 2010.

Trophies Won By Real Madrid

Real Madrid is definitely one of the most successful clubs in all of Europe, and they have a full trophy cabinet to prove that.

They have so far won 64 trophies in all, domestically. They include;

  • 33 La Liga titles

  • 19 Copa del Rey

  • 10 Super Copa de España

  • A Copa Eva Duarte and;

  • A Copa de la Liga.

In European and international competitions, Madrid has amassed 26 trophies. They include:

  • 13 European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles

  • Two UEFA Cups and four UEFA Super Cups and;

  • 7 World Club cup trophies

Real Madrid's Biggest Rivalries

Madrid has two main rivals in La Liga; Barcelona with whom they play the feisty El-Clasico, and city neighbors Atletico Madrid; with whom the Madrid derby is played.

They also play a minor derby match against Athletic Bilbao. This derby is called the El Viejo Clásico (the old classic). Asides the Clasico, this fixture is the second most played fixture in Spanish football.

Madrid not only have rivals in Spain, but they also have serious rivals from other countries and other leagues. These rivals include Juventus, the most decorated Italian team in history and Bayern Munich, the second most successful club side in European football after Madrid.

Club Records

Real Madrid Legend, Raúl is the most capped player in a Madrid shirt, having played 741 first-team matches from 1994 to 2010.

The record for the most appearances by a goalkeeper is held by Iker Casillas, with 725 appearances, with 166 caps (162 while at the club). He is also Madrid’s most capped international player, having played 127 times for the national team. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid's all-time top goal scorer, with 450 goals.

The club also holds the record for winning the European Cup/UEFA Champions League thirteen times and for the most semi-final appearances (28).

Real Madrid Fans

Anywhere you go in Spain and the World as a whole, and you run into a Madrid fan, you would definitely know that you have run into a Madrid fan.

At their 81,044 Santiago Bernabeu, their noises are the loudest on the streets of Madrid. They are also quite a vocal and energetic sight to behold in large groups, and when they are traveling to visit an opposing team, you cannot miss them in their all-white apparel singing praises to the Los Blancos.

About The City of Madrid

This is the largest city in the whole of Spain, and it is also Spain’s capital city. Also, it is third in a measure of size to only London and Berlin.

As the capital city, the Government, as well as Spanish Monarchy, operate from inside the city;  Madrid is a political, cultural and, economic center of the country.

Madrid is a city steeped deeply in politics and it is a constant topic of civil discourse. Of similar importance is education.

Madrid’s livelier side is on full display in its breadth and wealth of diverse entertainment.

As for the environment, Madrid is home to a number of clean energy culture projects.

There is simply no denying that in media, culture fashion, and the arts, culture, and even in science, Madrid is a city that has carved out its own unique identity, all these contribute to its status as one of the major cities in the world.

Plus, Madrid is home to two popular football clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.

Cultural Do’s of Madrid

You may greatly enjoy a visit to Madrid’s sports bars if you are in the city. These sports bars can be the smaller neighborhood spots or the posh venues in the heart of the city. Both offer local flavors and great memorable experiences for any traveling football fan.

Also, you should visit the Fountains of Cibeles and Neptune. Real Madrid fans gather by the statue of Cibeles to celebrate their victories while Atletico Madrid fans gather by the fountain of Neptune to celebrate their own victories.

Cultural Taboos of Madrid

Madrid locals take their football seriously. If you are a Barcelona fan and you find yourself in the city, its best you keep that fact to yourself. If you can’t bring yourself to support either of the Madrid teams, make sure you focus on enjoying the positive energetic vibe and the delicious flavors of the local cuisine and culture.

You should also not talk about political issues like why Barcelona wants to leave Spain. This would definitely start an argument that would last for hours. And if you’re a visiting tourist, and you aren’t a political junkie, then there’s simply no benefit in going down this path.

There are also so many other better ways to spend your time as a football fan visiting Madrid, like the many examples we’re covering in this article.

Fun Things To Know About Real Betis Football club

Seville based club, Real Betis was founded in 1907. It currently plays in the La Liga after it conquered the Segunda division (Spanish Division 2) in the 2014-15 season.

Trophies Won By Real Betis

Los Verdiblancos won the league in 1935, and then 2 Copa Del Rey titles in 1977 and 2015. The Club motto says “Viva el Betis manquepierda” which means "Long live Betis even when they lose" in English

Real Betis' Biggest Rivalries

The city rivalry with Sevilla F.C. is Real Betis’ biggest rivalry. Sevilla has won 45% of the Seville derby while Betis has won 31%. This fixture is regularly rife with extremely high tension between these two teams, and even clashes between certain unsportsmanlike local fans, unfortunately.

Club Records

Goal Keeper, José Ramón Esnaola has the most cap for Real Betis; playing a total of 378 times.

Striker, Rubén Castro has scored the most goals while donning a Betis shirt. He netted a total of 147 goals.

Real Betis Fans

Football fans are known to be loyal to their club sides, and this loyalty usually spans a whole lifetime. Betis fans are not counted out. They are with Betis whatever the outcome is as it says on the club motto.

The City of Seville

Seville is the fourth largest city and Spain and the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Founded as Hispalis, a Roman city, Seville was also ruled for a while by Muslims before it was absorbed into the Christian Kingdom of Castile under Ferdinand III in 1248.

Cultural Do’s of Betis

If you are visiting Seville and you support Betis, then green is the color you wear to show your support.  Red depicts support or Sevilla F.C.

If you’re in Seville in April, then you should be sure to take part in the April festival. In the April Seville Fair, the local Sevilla Society holds a horseback and horse-drawn carriage parade, at the fairgrounds. Despite their controversial nature, there are also bullfights on a daily basis, and they are usually thought of as the season’s best such events.

Cultural Taboos of Betis

Please do not get involved in Religious discussions, as people are very sensitive about it.

Also, you don’t want to call a Catalan Spanish as it isn’t really appreciated. This topic is a very political one.

As a travelling football fan, you should avoid highly sensitive local topics of discussion, and instead, focus on the fun of football and the wonderful cultural enrichment which all of that may bring you.

Final Score

Real Madrid seems to have everything going for them in this fixture, but Betis has caused an upset before and would fancy being a giant killer once again. Don’t underestimate the underdog.

While you are watching the game, wherever you are watching from, these two teams are from very vibrant cities; so be sure to enjoy the culture too.


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