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Porto Vs Lisbon: Legendary Opponents

Posted 136 days ago
Porto Vs Lisbon

Porto vs. Lisbon: A Rivalry That Will Go Down In History

On the 19th of May 2019, two of the biggest rivals in Portuguese football face off in the Liga Nos (Portuguese League 1).

FC Porto (Futebol Club do Porto): Historical Facts You Should Know

Founded in 1893, Portugal’s second largest city behind Lisbon; Futebol Club do Porto is the second most successful Portuguese team with 76 major trophies; 69 of those being domestic trophies.

Between the 1994/1995 seasons and 1998/1999 season, Porto also won the Portuguese Primera five consecutive times. This is, to date, their most successful and dominant spell in the Portuguese league.

Trophies Won By FC Porto

In the 2010/2011 and 2012/2013 seasons, Porto won the Portuguese League One without losing a single match.

In European competitions, Porto is the most successful Portuguese team; winning the European Cup/ UEFA champions league on two occasions on 1987 and 2004 and also going on to win the UEFA Cup/Europa Leagues also in two different years, 2003 and 2011, the Super Cup in 1987 and the Intercontinental Cup in 1987 and 2004.

Porto is the only Portuguese club side to have participated and won all European competitions. They are also placed alongside Spanish powerhouses, Barcelona and Real Madrid, for most appearances in the Champions’ League group stages.

A full outline of trophies won by FC Porto includes:

  • 28 Primeira Liga titles

  • 16 Taça de Portugal

  • 4 Campeonato de Portugal and;

  • A record 21 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira

Biggest Rivalries

Porto’s biggest local rivals are the other two members of the Portuguese “Big Three,” Benfica and Sporting Lisbon; both based in the city of Lisbon.

Club Records

Radamel Falcao stands as the club’s highest goalscorer in European competitions with 22 goals; and defender Joao Pinto holds the record 587 appearances, the most appearances for anyone in Porto colors.

F.C. Porto fans

The Fans of Futebol Club do Porto are known in Portugal and the rest of Europe as one of the most audible fans. They are so loyal and throw all their weight behind their team.

Commonly known as the Portistas, Porto fans will shout loudy at opposing fans in the 50,033 capacity Estadio do Dragao stadium. And, they most definitely make their presence known when visiting an opponent’s stadium.

What You Didn't Know About The City of Porto

The historical coastal city of Porto is situated along the Douro river estuary and is extremely beautiful and full of life.

Porto is also internationally recognized for its wine exportation. The wine “Port wine” is named after the city and you can visit any of the wine cellars across the city for a quick sample.

Another site that must be seen while in the city of Porto is the symbol of the city, “Torre dos Clerigos”; a 75-meter bell tower. The 225-step high tower leads to the top of the Baroque monument.

Cultural Dos While In Porto

Here in the city of Porto, the signature food is the “Francesinha”. Referred to as the “gut buster” and commonly served with fries across the city. The restaurant, Lado B although claims to serve the best Francesinha in the world.

Every June 23, Porto celebrates the São João festival all night long through the city’s historic streets. Music, food, drinks, garlic flower, and plastic toy hammers are the main entertainment for the said night.

The Estadio do Dragao stadium is the club stadium which showcases the wide array of trophies that has been won by Porto, the second most successful side in Portuguese football.

Cultural Taboos of Porto

Porto natives are blunt, straightforward, and open. They do not spend time beating around the bush when it comes to stating facts.

It is just unusual in Porto, among the locals, to be dishonest about things they do not need to be dishonest about.

Let's Talk About Sporting Lisbon football club

Sporting Club de Portugal also known as Sporting CP is located in Lisbon, Portugal’s largest city. It is considered as one of the big three club sides in Portuguese football (Três Grande) beside SL Benfica and F.C. Porto.

Sporting was founded in 1906 and has maintained dominance, never getting relegated from Portuguese top flight. The Sporting team plays home football on their 50,095-capacity stadium; the Estádio José Alvalade.

With a total of 48 trophies, Sporting Lisbon is the third most decorated Portuguese team in history. And they currently rank 33rd in UEFA ranking.

Trophies Won By Lisbon

So far, Sporting has won a total of 48 trophies, and they include:

  • 18 Primera Ligas

  • 16 Taca de Portugal

  • 2 Taca de Liga

  • 8 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira and;

  • 4 Campeonato de Portugal

In the 1963-64 season, they were also crowned the European cup winners.

Lisbon's Biggest Rivalries

Sporting Lisbon’s biggest rivals are also their city rivals, SL Benfica. Dubbed the “Eternal Derby,” it was birthed when some Sporting players left for Benfica in 1907 for better conditions of training.

They are also in a rivalry with FC Porto, but both teams have formed an alliance against Benfica.

Club Records

Hilário da Conceição currently still stands as the player with the most apparent with 494 outings for Sporting. João Moutinho stands as the man with the most appearance in a season with 56 appearances.

Fernando Peyroteo has the most goals for Sporting Lisbon with 544 goals, and Héctor Yazalde with 46 goals as the most goals in a season.

Lisbon FC fans

Sporting Lisbon, nicknamed Leões (Lions) and Verde e Brancos (Green and Whites) has an active fan base with about 90,000 registered members who have utmost loyalty for their club side anytime.

Fun Facts About Lisbon City

Portugal’s ancient capital city, Lisbon is a thorough blend of tradition and modernization. A stunning holiday destination that offers great nightlife and has a very friendly climate.

New visitors have started recognizing Lisbon as a tourist destination as it has a wide range of activities and fascinating tourists’ attractions.

Sandy beaches that make up a beautiful coastline are also an attraction for anyone that wishes to visit the city of Lisbon.

Cultural Dos Of Lisbon

“Ginginja” is to Lisbon just as Port is to Porto, the city’s favorite drink. You can get it in shots, in bottles and/or in cups.

While in Lisbon, you should find somewhere to watch Fado – the traditional Portuguese music.

Cultural Taboos of Lisbon

Not respecting how natives dress is something you shouldn’t do in Lisbon, or any other city for that matter.

Know when to wear flip-flops, sandals and slippers, dress moderately to ease your blending-in process.

Don’t assume everyone understands English or expect them to speak English with you.

Final Score

These two culturally rich cities, Porto and Lisbon are rivals in almost everything; from culture, to their football teams. And for anyone visiting Porto for the match, it will surely be an event filled with wonderful and unique experiences that are simply not available everywhere. All these factors put together instilled into the players of F.C. Porto and Sporting Lisbon definitely makes this match up an excellent match to attend. And if you can’t be there, at the very least, it’s a must watch match for any true football fan.


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