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Liverpool Vs Wolves : Football Cultures In Profile

Posted 136 days ago
Wolverhampton Wanderers

A Premier League Match To Remember: LFC Versus Wolverhampton

It is almost time once again for one of the most anticipated leagues of the season. It is the one and only Premier League. To help those who have no idea what the Premier League is all about, here it is.

The Premier League has an overall total of twenty clubs that compete for the cup yearly, and it functions on a system of improvements and relegations with the EFL; English Football League.

Meanwhile, to the main highlight of this article, the spotlight is shining on none other than two great clubs; Liverpool FC and Wolverhampton’s Wanderers.

They both have an important Premier League match to play, and it is scheduled for the 12th of May 2019. As usual, we are here to give you deeper insights about the sides.

The mid-May LFC v Wanderers match will be held at Anfield stadium, and there is no doubt that bets are already ongoing even if it's not close to May yet.

Asides from being aware of the clubs playing on the 12th, many fans don’t know much about these clubs aside from seeing them on screens, playing what they know how to do best.

Well, today is your lucky day as we will be sharing some fun facts about these two amazing clubs. Hold on tight! It’s going to be an interesting ride!

Let's Talk About Liverpool FC

Have you ever wondered why Liverpool is so famous? It has everything to do with the club's diverse achievements. As a matter of fact, it is rated among the world's largest football teams. Although it might likely be your favorite club, what do you really know about them?

Did you know that Liverpool's stadium used to belong to their rival club, Everton? That’s a bit of trivia most typical LFC fans around the world, don’t know. Well, Anfield used to be owned by Everton FC back in the year 1884.

But, in 1881, Everton made its move to Goodison Park due to a rent argument that could not be settled. However, Anfield turned into the home of Liverpool FC officially in 1884.

Some more interesting facts about LFC;

  • The previous color used by the club was actually not at all red. As shocking as it may be to tried and true Liverpool fans, the team’s original colors were blue and white stripes. Interestingly, the rival Everton FC used to play wearing red. Furthermore, it was in 1896 that the club wore red for the first time ever and never let it go.

  • The massively popular LFC was not this popular at all times throughout their sporting history. Though their stadium had a vast capacity of twenty thousand spectators, they had only a hundred supporters when they played their first game.

  • Did you know that they only joined the football league in 1893? From then, they got promoted to the first division after a second division back in one season. Their early success came from winning league titles in the years 1922, 1906, 1923, and 1901.

  • In their very first season in the football league, they were able to get their second division and were not defeated. This occurred when they won Newton Heath with a score of 2-0. Guess the club that was first known as Newton Heath? The world famous Manchester United team. Unbelievable!? Well, it’s true.

  • You should note that even if you got the chance to win the world’s record lottery jackpot, you would not be able to purchase one-quarter of the club. This is because Forbes valued Liverpool at about £1.4 billion.

Have you discovered any great facts about Liverpool FC that you didn’t know before reading this article?  Well, there are more facts to know before your day is done. Here are a series of reveltations about Wolverhampton, to make sure you’re in the know, before the big game.

Wolverhampton FC

In the large complete table since the beginning of the football league far back in 1888, Wolverhampton, or the Wolves as they are fondly called, are seated amongst the all-time top four.

However, the club is only behind Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool when it comes down to their position in the league. When they played Liverpool during the FA Cup fourth round back in 1939, they had the highest attendance documented. This attendance was 61,315.

Also in the record-breaking team’s major achievements: Wolverhampton has stayed as the only club that has won all the top national cups; FA cup, football league trophy, and football league club.

Meanwhile, some of the more interesting facts about Wolverhampton are;

  • Steve Bull is the leading goal scorer for the club. He has a total of 306 goals from the years 1986-1999. This same guy also holds the Wolves’ records for the highest hat-tricks. It was 18 from the year 1986.

  • Did you know that Wolverhampton is the first club to actually score up to seven thousand league goals?

  • Just in case you are not aware, Wolverhampton is rated as the eight most successful football club. They are behind Chelsea and have thirteen big trophy wins.

  • The youngest player Wolverhampton ever had was Jimmy Mullen. He made his awesome debut against Leeds United. Meanwhile, he was just sixteen years and forty-three days.

  • Wolverhampton's highest transfer fee that they received was about £6 million. This transfer was for Robbie Keane from Coventry City back in 1999.

Wolverhampton’s fans out there should note that the gold and black color worn by the club has its source from the motto of the city. The motto states that; out of darkness cometh light. And so, the gold and black signify light and darkness.

Though we all know the match will be happening live at Anfield stadium, do we really know much about this stadium and Liverpool city? Find out more.

The Famous Anfield Stadium

The name Anfield was given by the Irish mayor of Liverpool after the Irish town of Annefield situated in Wexford. The mayor purchased the land that houses the stadium currently.

Anfield is actually popular for the sign written in the tunnel of the players. The sign simply says; this is Anfield. The stadium has seating of 54074, and this has helped in making it the sixth biggest football stadium in English.

Meanwhile, for those already purchasing tickets and traveling down for the match, there are fun sites to visit while in the amazing city of Liverpool.

You can choose to take a walk around the popular Sefton Park. The park houses an incredible palm house, a café, even a children's playground, and so many other fun things. There is the Museum of Liverpool that was dedicated to a city in the United Kingdom.

Finally, is it truly an awesome trip if you have no selfie with the statue of the Beatles? I bet you would do everything to take that shot.

Wrapping Up

You should know that Liverpool is a beautiful city to visit and it is home to a lot of tourist attractions. Nevertheless, the incredible match should not be missed.

Trying to predict who would win and by how much is not easy and we sure hope that the best team does, as the proverbial adage goes, take the cup home.

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