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Crystal Palace Vs Bournemouth - Relegation Time

Posted 187 days ago
Crystal Palace Vs Bournemouth

Crystal Palace vs. Bournemouth: A Spectacular Premier League Match

Football fans will be more than a little excited as they anticipate the impending match between Crystal Palace and Bournemouth. Every football and enthusiasts alike should have an idea on when this match will be held.

However, for those who are unaware, the match will be held on the 12th of May, 2019 at Selhurst Park, and it is among the matches slated for the premier league. Who would take the trophy home? No one knows.

There are basically twenty clubs that compete for this cup every year, and the league operates on a system of enhancements and relegations with the English football league.

There are Bournemouth fans out there as well as Crystal Palace fans and each team wants their club to win the trophy. It has however been a long time coming for both of these teams.

So, what do you really know about Crystal Palace? How about Bournemouth? Well, this article is here to help you have an idea about the interesting histories of these amazing clubs.

What You Didn't Know About Crystal Palace

The club has been part of the football league for as long as 1920 after about fifteen years in the southern league. 1969 was the first time they ever got to reach Division One, and they attained the third position which is their best position.

Crystal Palace has reached the FA cup final two times, although, they never won the cup. Back in the year 2000, Crystal Palace passed through so many economic hurdles. These hurdles led to diverse changes in ownership.

For their performance in the Premier League, they have not had it easy and they currently hold the highest record for the most relegations. The club has been promoted and relegated quite a few times.

Some of the interesting facts about them include;

  • The club has prominently known fans, among them, the prominent actor and comedian known as Eddie Izzard. He actually joined the club back in 2012 as an associate director.

  • After a sad start to the season in the Premier League in 2017/2018, they finished in the eleventh position. The manager; Frank De Boer even got sacked, and he was replaced by Roy Hodgson.

  • Interestingly, the last time they actually played football in Crystal Palace itself was in the year 1915. Who would have known, right?

  • Due to their original home, their nickname back in the day was the Glaziers, then it moved to the Crystals, and now they are known as the Eagles.

Did you know that they used to wear claret and blue? That’s a trivia question most people don’t seem to remember!

Fun Facts About Bournemouth

This football club was established as far back as the year 1899. Then, it was known as Boscombe St. John's Institute FC. After a couple of decades, it was renamed Bournemouth in 1923. And eventually, it became known as Association Football Club; AFC Bournemouth in 1962.

You should know that although they function under the AFC Bournemouth name that is not their licensed name. In fact, the official name of the club is Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club.

More interesting facts about AFC Bournemouth  include;

  • On the AFC Bournemouth badge is a footballer heading a ball. This man is none other than the club’s icon; Dickie Dowsett. Back in 1957 through 1962, he scored almost eighty goals for the club.

  • At first, they started out with red shirts and later on they switched over to red with black stripes in 1970. This look was based on the prominent AC Milan.

  • They played for about 125 years before they got promoted to the English top division.

  • They won their promotion in 2014/2015 when they won the championship and played in the premier league for the first time in 2015/2016.

  • The club’s nickname is simply The Cherries. This is because of the cherry red shirt they wear and their Stadium that is built close to lots of cherry trees.

After their successful first season, they finished in the sixteenth place and successfully avoided relegation.

Where Heads Will Turn - Selhurst Park

This has been the home ground of Crystal palace since 1924. It is prominent for its delightful atmosphere during the premier league. However, some Crystal Palace fans have aired their view on the park.

They believe that it was time for a change in Selhurst Park and it needs to be upgraded in order to be globally accepted.

However, the club has been trying their best to enhance different chunks of the stadium. The stadium is almost a century old. For a swift transformation, the club would need to cover up the main stand that is already dilapidating and refurbish the toilets and lots of infrastructure.

Meanwhile, one positive community development program they established, was creating two sensory rooms for autistic fans and others with sensory impairments. It’s surprising that most people are not aware of this.

What's The Culture Like In Crystal Palace?

Visiting Crystal Palace for the upcoming match will be amazing as the area is a hidden treasure in South London. And for shutterbugs and social media selfie types, it provides quite an impressive view, as well. Its name is derived from the pretty glass palace it once had. Sadly, it was destroyed in 1936 by fire.

Interesting sites to visit when you are in Crystal palace include;

  • Vintage Delight

This is for the vintage lovers. You will have to cross a river and head towards the south to visit this lovely place. It is a store filled with vintage stuff such as books, antiques, clothes, toys, tarot cards and so much more.

While it is not so easy to discover, it is, indeed, very much worth your while.

  • Crystal Palace Food Market

Every Saturday, the food market is just the right place for foodies. It is practically a community for nonprofit farmer’s market. It provides you with ideal organic products and traditionally made food.

  • Crystal Palace Overground Festival

This is a unique event that should be attended at least once by anyone fortunate enough to be around when it happens. Crystal Palace Overground Festival is a cultural festival that comprises of film, food, music and lots of entertainment plus activities. It is for everyone. Truly, it’s a great outdoors event for folks of all ages. It’s super fun for families, too. You should not miss this when you visit.


This could be yet another “last chance” to get tickets to see Crystal Palace before they are relegated, yet again, from the Premier League. So if you want to go see them play before you can’t, now’s the time to book your tickets to the match so you don’t miss out.

For anyone who visits the area, it is quite clear that Crystal Palace is a lovely place to visit with lots of fun things to engage yourself in while you await the match.

Of course, you should not miss out on the match for any reason as no excuse will make the cut. Regardless of who anyone’s rooting for, every one of us has our fingers crossed. So, as always, may the best team win!


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